Tournament Rules

Tournament date for 2019:

Saturday 27th July 2019.

Schedule of matches:

Categories A, B+, B and Veterans — schedule will be confirmed closer to the time of the event.

Registration: Online ONLY (registraion opening soon)

Format of matches:

Every pair will participate in first-round group matches. For some categories, the top teams in each group will proceed onto the knock-out stages to decide the top finishers. Some categories (due to the total number of pairs participating) may not have knock-out stages.

Group matches – each rubber consists of one game to 21 points with no setting.

Knock-out matches – best of 3 games to 21 points with no setting when time permits, or a single game to 21 points with no setting otherwise.

a. All teams must report to the official registration table on the day of the tournament.
Teams who fail to report when their match is called may be disqualified. Please refer to the timing for different categories.

b. All matches will be played in the schedule of play. Postponement of any match will the decision of organisers only.

c. Player will be given a grace period of 3 minute for all the matches, failing which the player and his/her pair will be conceded a walkover for the particular match.

d. In the event both team failing to turn up, both will be conceded walkover.

e. The decision of the organizing committee shall be deemed as final, especially if there is a dispute. The player will be dismissed if he does not accept the decision – no refund will be given.

f. The winning pair that has just completed the match must ensure the match result is recorded on the score sheet. Failure to do so may result in walkover recorded for both pairs.

g. The committee reserve the right to disqualify any team if the player names does not match with the registration form.

h. The committee reserve the right to change the format of matches when necessary in order accommodate all matches in the allotted time.

i. Housekeeping:
Please be courteous and keep the sport hall clean especially if you bring supporters, and ensure all your litter is placed in the bins provided.

Additional info:

There is no seeding. However the committee reserves the right to seed some entries to support a smooth and fair tournament. Players will be obliged to adhere with the decision or withdraw. No refund will be given.
Our court booking is from 09:30 PM – 19:00 PM. Please do not enter the sport hall before the booking time.

Tournament organisers will take every reasonable precaution to ensure a safe environment for all competitors and participants. Participants and visitors will not hold Guys & Dolls liable for any death , disability, permanent injury, loss of property or any loss arising from any cause whatsoever at anytime during participation in all activities related to the tournament.